Friday, July 11, 2008

The First Dance

TLC has a knack for making a "reality show" out of anything. Rock the Reception is no exception.

I am a big huge stereotype when it comes to being a single girl and obsessing about weddings. I have thought about it since I was a little girl, I romanticized it in my early 20s and still haven't kicked the habit of checking out people's registries and wedding websites as I get closer to my 30s. TLC knows who I am and knows that I am not the only one. They have a full slate of what I call milestone "reality" programming - A Dating Story (no longer on the air), A Wedding Story, A Baby Story. Then head over to the Style Network and you have Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? , I Propose, and 21 Day Wedding Party. Even the We Network has their share (Platinum Weddings, Bridezillas, and Rich Bride Poor Bride). It is stating the obvious to claim that weddings have spiralled out of controll and there is no wonder why my obsession with weddings has lasted longer than maybe it should have.

So, what does this have to do with the web? Well, here it is. I was doing my daily morning ritual of checking and saw the banner ad for TLC's new show Bikini or Bust. I thought it might be a new weight loss show (that's a whole other blog post!) but it wasn't. What I did find when I arrived at the TLC website was an announcement for another show which I will be SURE to tune into - Rock the Reception. When clicking on the image on the main homepage it took me to a bigger version of that announcement with little other information. I felt cheated and went to Google to find out more. What ensued was a half hour of fun choreographed wedding dance videos!

Much like the office pranks I spoke of earlier, this is another sect of the amateur videos gone professional when we take a look at the vast array of what is out there for my enjoyment. Segments of the show have leaked to the Internet (which is interesting - who would have thought there would be that much interest in a show like this to bring people to post spoilers!) Yet there are those tried and true ones of actual weddings (not produced for a TV show) where the cameras are rolling and the bride is grooving. One of the more awkward examples is of this young bride and her father during their special dance when all of a sudden they break into the NKOTB The Right Stuff dance. Honestly, this is more bizarre than entertaining.

The first of these I saw was in link form sent to me by one of my best friends over 6 months ago. It is hilarious - the spontaneity of it, the sheer surprise, definitely a classic. Now, at two different weddings that took place just last month, brides and grooms are creating their own interpretation of "The Evolution Of Dance" during their special first dance. Those are truly bizarre and uncomfortable.

For me, I prefer more talent then creepy factor. The people who participated in Rock the Reception clearly have some moves (or at least one half of the couple does) and the choreographers are able to pull that out and the result are some fun videos. Here is one of my favorites, partly because the bride seems more awkward and the groom seems to really be into the music. Not to mention, I really like this song and thought it was fun that all of the bridal attendants were in on the fun.

For years people have been claiming that weddings are turning into to big of a production and that costs are out of control and now here we have an example of an actual production. In this scenario, the bride and groom are the entertainment at their own wedding. While not a foreign concept since the clinking of glasses forces the newlyweds to lock lips upon command of any wedding guest. But this is different. This is literally a production number, choreography, music, costumes even (check out the bride's tear away gown in the one below!)

Rock the Reception is set to premiere on July 15th on TLC at 8:30. The show stars Tabitha and Napoleon D'Umo (who are also currently choreographing the summer hit So You Think You Can Dance on Fox) who teach and choreograph engaged couples an exciting dance number that often times can involve the entire wedding party. The elaborate dance number is always a surprise to unsuspecting guests, but for the most part it seems to be well done and lots of fun.
Update: Here's the NY Times review of the show.

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