Monday, July 7, 2008

America's Got Talent clips

One of the many ways I find videos online is when I feel like I missed something on TV and wanted to catch it. Admittedly, it is usually that alerts me to what I missed or a forward from a friend. In this case, said I had to check out this act from Britain's Got Talent. This show is a variety show contest and has been translated in the US as America's Got Talent with the same format - even the graphics and cheesy intro music is the same. People seem to think that the variety show is stale and outdated, but now, with these clips circulating, it seems it can be reintroduced as cross the digital divide and provide even more entertainment. Instead of watching an amateur video of a guy in his backyard with some hula hoops, we have a professionally directed variety show in primetime that is then placed in clip form on the internet.
The other element of this clip that I love is that we cannot watch these shows live - or at all for that matter since they air on British TV and not here in the States. This introduces the element of a global awareness of television content in a way not available as easily and readily before.

As a huge American Idol fan, it was interesting to see Simon Cowell on his home turf and judging people other than for singing. Is it just me or did he actually seem nicer?

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